Regular / Smoothie Rice Straws (20cm x 8mm) - SOLD OUT!

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Using Beve Straws has been a game changer! They don't go soggy in my drinks or disintegrate if I leave my drink for a long period of time.

Celeste P - Customer

We love using Beve straws, in both our smoothies and juices! They have no taste to them and they don't go soggy like paper straws. We love that they are completely biodegradable too! I would recommend Beve Straws to other businesses as it completely cuts the use of plastic straws out. The quality of the product you get is always spot on as well.

Bean Kind

I think with the awareness around the impact of unsustainable materials makes you a much more conscious consumer so it's real peace of mind and absolutely guilt free when using the product.

Adele - Customer