What exactly are the straws made of? 
Our rice straws are made from 70% rice and 30% tapioca. The straws are gluten free, vegan and Halal.
As the rice straws are a natural food product they can vary slightly in diameter, from 3mm - 5mm along with variations in its colouring.

What sizes are available? 
The sizes available are regular size 20cm long – 6.5mm diameter, cocktail size 15cm long – 8mm diameter, smoothie/larger regular size 20cm long – 8mm diameter, bubble tea size 20cm long – 13mm diameter.

How long will straws take to decompose?
When finished using your rice straws, simply return them back to nature by popping them in compost.
They will decompose in approximately 100 days, even quicker in sea water decomposing in only 7 days! Fish love nibbling on the straws.

How long do straws last in drinks?
Our straws can last up to 2 hours in cold drinks. They may slightly expand, but keep their shape.

Why do some rice straws vary in colour?
As the straws are made from natural products and rice grows during different seasons, a colour variation can impact its overall look.  However, the quality and durability is always the same.

Do rice straws contain pesticides or preservatives?
No, the straws are 100% natural, organic and preservative free. The straws are made to hygienic, safety and product standards.

What is the shelf life of straws?
Rice straws stay fresh if stored in a cool dry place for up to 2 years. 

What are benefits when drinking with rice straws compared to say paper or metal straws? 
Rice straws outlast paper straws in a drink which tend to soften and can taste like paper when drinking. Paper straws take longer to decompose and add to the environmental pollution. There have been questions asked around the glue that holds the paper straws together with those lovely colourful stripes and whether it is suitable for use in food or drinks.

Metal straws are more expensive and have an issue with hygiene, which require to be cleaned individually with a specific straw cleaner.

Do rice straws have a taste?
No, our rice straws are completely tasteless and will not alter the flavour of your beverage.

Is your packaging sustainable as well?
Yes, our packaging is made of compostable and recycled materials and we use a 100% carbon neutral delivery service called Sendle.

Why is an essential food source used to make rice straws?
Beve Straws rice straws are made from “broken” or fractured grains of rice that has been left over from the traditional drying and milling process of rice. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this rice other than the grains are fragmented rather than whole and are not commonly consumed if a perfectly cooked rice dish is required. The grains are broken into smaller pieces with varying textures, hence, this type of “broken” rice is the perfect solution for making rice straws which goes through further milling to turn it into a flour texture. When a rice straw is no longer required it goes back into nature as compost or feeding for our marine life.